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Kids & Ghosts

by John Zaffis


With kids and ghosts there are a lot of questions coming up today, do they experience the phenomena like the little boy in "The Sixth Sense"? Yes, children do experience this type of thing because they are very innocent and very pure to the supernatural and this will attract spirits to them naturally. Kids do not have an understanding at this point to be afraid of the ghost or spirits. They are not afraid of these things until they start growing up and realize or we train them to be afraid. This is especially true when we do not understand unusual occurrences like ghosts.


What we have to remember as adults is, we are programmed to block out things like seeing or hearing ghosts or imaginary play friends. We really do not pay too much attention to kids and will say, "ok" and block it from our minds so the kids will go back to playing and live us alone. How do you know if something is around? Sometimes it might be worth checking into and you will see that there is nothing actually supernatural. I can't tell you how many times I've had conversations with people that tell me about the experiences they had as kids seeing ghosts.


We must be very careful with this because spirits can attract good and bad spirits and we don't realize it until it is happening and then we wish we had listened to our kids. A very good friend of mine, Denise Jones and her little boy had the same type of scenario that took place in her home. Denise did not pay to much attention to it and then it got out of hand. To this day she wishes she had stopped and checked it out to see if something was going on with her son on a supernatural realm. Things were to the point that everyone was experiencing things in the home and an exorcism had to be performed to get rid of supernatural forces that had moved in.


Denise had written a book called "The Other Side", detailing their whole involvement in dealing with this. So you see it is always very good to listen and checkout what the children are saying to you. Things can escalate and that is usually when we end up getting involved. It doesn't mean that there is something supernatural going on. But take some advice from a ghost hunter like myself, and listen to what the children have to say, it can be just a imaginary thing but I would look into it to be on the safe side.

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