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The Old Pine Tree

by John Zaffis



This is about a case I investigated where the individuals in the family did not follow through with the instructions left behind by the deceased uncle. They had no children of their own so he left family members to follow through with his wishes of being cremated and his ashes were to be spread around an old pine tree in the back of the home.


He had died two years prior to his wife and she was in failing health at the time and was not up to following through with any of this at the time and put the urn with the ashes in a closet. Her health deteriorated over the next two years and she completely forgot about the ashes in the closet. She passed away and the home was put up for sale with a lot of the their personal affects left behind including the urn.


A family purchased the home and was removing a lot of the things left behind and discovered the ashes and called the family to come and remove the urn out of the home. This was not part of the sale so the relatives had to take the urn out and brought it home with them. Soon after that, the haunting began and things escalated in the home. Lights going on and off in the basement where the workbench was with all his tools and an ice cold spot in the living room where he sat in his favorite chair and the smell of tobacco in certain areas of the home. After talking to the family members they found out that some of the spots were his favorite areas for him.


At this time I began an investigating into the situation and found out that family did not spread the ashes around the big old tree on the property. The tree was cut down and removed for a new septic system and the family did not see any sense in doing this after that. At this time I know it was time for someone to make contact with the relatives and have them come over and spread the ashes in this area and hope this would resolve the problem at hand.


The family responded and the ashes were spread out in this area where he had requested it. Lo and behold all the things stopped and it all worked out good for the new family. So as you can you see it is always good to listen to the folks at the time they pass away. And if we can follow through with the last wishes when we are asked to, this can help with the deceased one to, pass over and to be with loved ones and family.

Tranquil forest
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