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Twins: Ed & Babe


by John Zaffis


I’d like to tell you a story about twins. They say that there is a connection between twins, and that they share a lot of different things neither one of them is aware of it. This story is about Ed Warren and his twin sister Babe. They grew up in a haunted house in Bridgeport, CT.

At the age of five, they had their first ghostly experience. They could hear some-one walking up the front staircase into the kitchen, and turn on the light , but no one would be there. This would scare them so much that they would hide in their bedroom closet. This would eventually lead Ed Warren into a career pursuing ghosts and haunted dwellings. His sister would not have anything to do with it, if you asked her about the ghostly experience, she would tell you to ask her brother Ed , because she was afraid of the supernatural. Getting back to the connection between twins, Ed Warren is not a psychic person, so for him to experience things with his deceased twin sister is something of a personal nature.


While Babe was in her home nearing the end, she experienced seeing apparitions of deceased family members. She would see her mother, and several other relatives. I would ask her "Mom, who is here in the room with you now?" She would tell me who was with her, then I would tease her, and say, "Ask them how it is over there". She would tell me that they would not say anything to her, they would just smile at her. Then I would say to her, "How will I know what it’s like over there, when you cross over, you will have to come back and tell me." My mother would get a serious look on her face, and wouldn’t respond.


One day when I was teasing her about this, she looked at me, and said, "I’ll tell you what, I’ll come back and tell my brother that everything is okay over there." I laughed and said "Okay mom, you do that." Several months later she passed away. After her passing, I was visiting with Ed, he came over and said to me, "I had a dream about my sister, I don’t know if this is for you or your father, but she said everything is okay over there." At that time I remembered the remark she had made. At that point, every emotion inside of me went cold. I turned around and left the room, my emotions haven’t been that wild since the day she died.

A short time after that I was with Ed, and he was telling me of the dream he had of his sister in a beautiful forest. In the forest he saw a lot of big trees, and a waterfall with her by it, and he said, "John there were all kinds of beautiful flowers and all kinds of colors, pastels." I asked Ed , "What color stood out to you Ed ?" "Why do you want to know that, John?" asked Ed. "Just curious," I said "I think it was blue, some red and pinks." Stunned, I said, "Ed, blue was Babe’s favorite color." Ed asked me, "Why such an intense look on your face?" "I know I never told you or anyone else, of a little remark your sister said to me, in regards to coming back, to let us know everything was okay." Ed and I looked at each other and said, "I guess now we know she is okay where she is." And I said "I’m glad she is in such a beautiful place."

I thought this story would be a nice tribute to the twins, and to know that it is true, you can communicate in different ways, from beyond the grave. September marks the birth of Ed and Babe, and unfortunately, the passing of Babe.

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