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Union Cemetery, CT

by John Zaffis

Why do ghost’s glow, Lorraine and Ed Warren are often asked this question. We believe that ghosts draw electromagnetic energy from the plant life, trees, and bushes and that this energy is one of the reasons they often project a brilliant light. Indoors, ghosts draw on human sources for their energy and their glow. We’re also asked about ghost lights that resemble tiny white balloons. Many people report seeing these in photographs they’ve taken at graveyards. The curious thing is the lights can be seen only on film, not by the naked eye. We’ve seen dozens of such photographs. We feel they’re a supernatural phenomenon associated with graveyards where spirit activity is constant. I mention these things because they demonstrate that the processes used by the society are scientific whenever possible. Before starting a serious investigation into Union Cemetery, for instance, one of our researchers spent a great number of hours there with his tape recorder. This man, who is quite well educated and who was at first skeptical of occult matters, has developed a system all his own to get sounds in graveyards. He went to Union several days running and one day his tape was able to capture the sound of the spirit saying 23 again and again. This man’s early work on behalf of the Society helped convince the Warrens that Union would be a place worth studying.​


Rectangular Orbs at Union

Indeed soon after the man had his experience with 23 repeated over and over, Ed started bringing his video recorder to the cemetery. And on the night of September 1, at 2:40 am his patience paid off. For six nights previous Ed came out to the graveyard and parked. Each night Ed followed the same procedure. He brought along all his video gear and when he got there he set up a tripod in the cemetery, keeping the camera inside with him. With the tripod ready to use, he could mount the camera and be taping in moments. September 1 began like all the other nights. Ed heard the kind of whispers common to graveyards, there are many more unsettled souls than most people realize and Ed saw flashes of ghost lights. Ed had already videotaped the latter and audio taped the former. Tonight Ed wanted more, much more. But by 2:30 am Ed had to admit, he was getting discouraged. Some projects just never work out, maybe this would be one of them. Maybe my instincts were wrong. Maybe Ed was never going to get any dramatic evidence from Union Cemetery. But all that was about to change abruptly when the ghost lights, which are strange luminescent glows, grew brighter. And suddenly everything was unnaturally silent except for the incessant crickets.


Ed knew something was about to happen. He grabbed his camera jumped out of the van, and ran to the tripod. In moments he was recording the glow directly in front of him. The glow that eventually took the shape of a woman. Ed put her at age thirty. She had dark hair and wore a flowing white gown. The white lady wasn’t alone, there were dark figures surrounding her. Shapes that seemed to jump on her. Ed realized that as long ago as fifty years people had reported seeing this woman and the wood ghosts who engulfed her and who seemed to be arguing with her.


And Ed was capturing it on videotape. She was walking directly toward me. This ghostly figure, whose light glowed bright in the dark graveyard the fabled White Lady. She was walking directly toward me, yes, but when I tried to see her in the camera's viewfinder she wasn’t there. The sounds of the wood ghosts grew angrier and more oppressive. Whatever argument they were having with the woman was certainly continuing. Now I stepped out from the camera and started walking toward her. I was frightened and unsure of what to do but I kept walking straight ahead. And then she was gone.


Ed was standing in the center of a darkened graveyard, and once more my entire body was covered with frozen sweat. The crickets were almost comically loud in my ears. Then Ed remembered the camera, if he hadn’t been able to see the woman in the viewfinder, would he have her on tape? I quickly packed up the car and drove straight home. When the tape was ready to view, Ed remembers thinking that this was going to be my biggest accomplishment or my greatest folly. What would the tape hold for him?


Several members of the society joined him in that first viewing, and as the tape began to roll and images appeared on the screen, a whoop of excitement came up from the people around him. Because they were on the tape for everybody to see was, the White Lady. The videotape footage turned out incredibly well and offers incontrovertible proof to any doubters that the spirit world is in constant contact with our own world. But as fulfilling as my encounter with the Lady had been, Union Cemetery held another great adventure for me. Over the past several years Ed and Lorraine have documented many sightings by many witnesses and the psychic photographs that come in are outstanding.

Verified stories of tragedies that have taken place in and around the cemetery. There were two young girls killed in a car accident right in front of the cemetery. The man who committed suicide by using dynamite and the terrible demonic possession of an 11-year-old boy. The woman who tried to stab her husband in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. All reflect the curious influence of the cemetery what is recognized as an aura of disaster certainly this cemetery has that aura, particularly when you look into its background. I myself had seen the spectrum of the white lady coming home one evening from a case with Ed and Lorraine. It was about 2 am in the morning and Lorraine said to Ed stop the car as we were going by the cemetery. Ed pulled the car over and we got out just in time for all three of us to witness the White Lady in all her glory.

There’s no reason to go in and break monuments or old stones.
This morally can destroy a family’s descendants. I know how it feels first hand.
- John Zaffis






John Zaffis & Lorraine Warren outside Easton Baptist Church

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